Does weather marketing really works?

Yes, people do get influenced by the weather all the time. Apart of that it really depends a lot on what you are selling.

If you are a lawyer it might not make a lot of sense for you, if you run an e-commerce website it might be a great opportunity!

What can I automate?

We partnered with Facebook & Google. This means that you can automate Campaigns, Ad Groups and single Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Youtube, and the Google display and search network.

What's the ideal setup

Ideally you would want to have a new weather campaign with inside one ad group for each weather condition. For example, one ad group for rain, one for sun and one for snow. Then you can use this site to automatically un-pause and pause the relevant ad group. On Each ad group you can have several ads and creatives to AB test peformance. Alternatively you could have an entire campaign for each weather condition, or simply one ad for each weather conditon all inside the same ad group.

Do you store or sell my data?

No, we only store the minimum indispensable to be able to run the service. As this is a paid tool, we will never sell your data.

Free trial?

Better, we offer a generous free plan!

Anything else?

Click on the chat button on the bottom right of the screen. We are happy to hear more!